As a piano teacher she is the BEST out there. She is able to relate with children of any age. She has an amazing memory when it comes to remembering what each of her students are working on...in addition to her being a Master pianist herself. She is not only the BEST teacher in any subject my children have taken...she is the BEST teacher even when I compare her to all of my instructors in any subject throughout my life. 
There are many great pianists in the world...there are pianists who can groom great pianists...but rarely will you find a person that encourages the love of music in your children while teaching all of us to be better in all that we do. I have no words to express how in awe I am of this wonderful teacher. We were all heartbroken when she had to leave our city.

Neha Patel, Cleveland, Ohio

“......we are saddened by the reality that Lily will not be able to continue her music training with you after the summer. We have learnt so much from you as a teacher, as a musician and as a mom. Your patience, poise and grace are a rarity in today's society and they always inspire me to be more composed and patient with my children. ”

Jia Zeng, Houston, Texas

"We love Mrs. Catherine! She is a wonderful instructor! Her patience for teaching and her love of music shines in everything she does. When you go here, you are not just a student. She makes you feel part of her family. She is by far the best piano instructor. I am so glad we found her!.”

Gwen Nguyen, Iowa City, Texas

If you are a past student of mine, please keep in contact with me through this website.  Leave me your testimony and let me know how music has touched your life now and when you were my student.

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