Lesson Attendance

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Lesson Attendance:

 It is very important that a student attend each and every lesson regularly.  When a lesson is missed, the stimulation of the lesson and the musical experience to be had at the lesson is lost.  Continuity is broken and interest slides downward.  The opportunity of clarification of concepts is lost. Regular attendance of the lesson is of utmost importance for successful piano study.  In order to encourage this practice, I have the following policy:

   1. Lessons are only to be missed in the event of illness or an unavoidable conflict. 

   2. Notification of any missed or canceled lesson must be made at least 24 hours in advance in order to qualify for a makeup.

   3. Makeup lessons do not replace the regularly scheduled lesson.

  4. Makeup lessons must be within the month of the missed lesson, with the exception of June and July lessons missed due to vacation with 24 hour notification.

   5. Each student is allowed a 2 week seasonal break in December.  The month of August will be used as a month to makeup missed lessons in June and July, although study through the entire summer is encouraged. Any lesson in August that is not a makeup lesson will be charged on an individual lesson basis. During these two breaks, the lesson space and enrollment will be secured.  Any other break will not secure the students's lesson space or enrollment. 

 6. Each student is allowed one "sick" makeup lesson per semester.  This is when the child get sick on the day of the lesson.  This does not apply to siblings or parents who may get sick.  Please try to find a way for someone to bring your child to the lesson.  I respect your honesty regarding this policy.  

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Festival and Recital Attendance:

 A primary reason for a student to study piano is to develop performance techniques and poise needed in most professions.  Therefore, I do require the students to perform in my 3 seasonal studio recitals and all relevant workshops.  There are many other festivals (jazz, romantic, sonatina, baroque and ensemble) and competitions designed for all age levels which come up during the year.  The parents will be notified of these events through monthly newsletters.  These are all optional and require various fees. These performance opportunities are encouraged.  My students always place in the top of their age categories.

Musical Notes

Piano Practice Requirements:

All students should practice at least the length of their lessons.  Each student should practice at least 5 days each week.  Often students will take off the day on which they have their lessons and one other day for family events.  However, high school students should plan on practicing on the weekend to make up for the busy school week. I encourage each student to have a fixed time each day to practice as a routine ensures constancy. Practice is essential  and ensures success and strengthens skills learned at the lesson.  



A consistent monthly tuition will cover all lessons within the month as well studio workshops, rehearsals, and recitals, and is to be paid on the first lesson of each month in full.  Books, festival, event and competition application fees are not included in the tuition.  These additional expenses will be added to your monthly statement.  There will be an adjustment made for December and August during which the student may take a break.  Tuition varies according to the length of the students' lessons.  Fifteen minute lesson are only available to the very young siblings of enrolled students. Thirty minute lessons are available only to the very young, ages 5-6.  Most students will succeed with a 45 minute lessons.  The very advanced and highly motivated students will receive an hour lesson.  I determine the lesson length at the students' audition.